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As a Malaysian Company, our products have been acknowledged by the Authority of Malaysia and more so by the Pesticide Application International Institutions. We are proud to have been a positive contributor to the manufacturing sector of Malaysia, capable of delivering high-performance agricultural products and applications for the world!

We are proud to say that our products can now be found, and are widely used worldwide. From Malaysia to South East Asia, Pacific Island, West Asia, Middle East, Africa, China and other developing countries - we have created a strong reputation for ourselves. But we will not stop here. We will try harder to improve our products further so you can enjoy the quality, convenience and peace-of-mind that is synonymous with the Jun Chong name. And that is our promise.

Main Products
PB-16 & PB-20 Knapsack Sprayers
Crossmark knapsack sprayers PB-16 & PB-20 are acknowledged worldwide and have played an instrumental role in the global agricultural industry. Our knapsack sprayers are synonymous with quality because we manufacture them using advanced technologies and state-of-the-art precision equipment. But more than that - we listen and study the different needs of farmers and agriculturists everywhere.
Stainless Steel & Brass Knapsack Sprayer
Still the most trusted Crossmark Knapsack Sprayers. Some things are not meant to be changed - only made better. That's true for our highly-acclaimed Crossmark Models MB / MBS 2G, 3G & 4G knapsack sprayers. Manufacturing using only first grade brass or stainless steel, these sprayers have fulfilled even the most arduous and demanding tasks for agriculture, health and pest control use worldwide since its introduction.
Trigger Hand Sprayer
Econsprayer is useful and handy for all domestic and industrial applications. Its powerful 150psi pressure for every stroke is useful for the spraying of chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides & liquid fertilisers. It is also ideal for industrial usage, especially for precision application of lubricating oil and even chemicals.
Econsprayer is made of environment-friendly thermoplastic - giving you high performance spray at every stroke.