• PBe16L & PBe20L Knapsack Sprayer
  • PBe16L & PBe20L Knapsack Sprayer
  • PBe16L & PBe20L Knapsack Sprayer
  • PBe16L & PBe20L Knapsack Sprayer
  • PBe16L & PBe20L Knapsack Sprayer
Brand: PB
Product Code: PBe16L / PBe20L
Tank Capacity: 16 Liter / 19.15 Liter
Tank Material: Polypropylene with UV Protection
Pump Type: Piston
Pump Action: Left / Right Hand
Max. Pressure: 8 Bar
Working Pressure: 2.0 – 4.0 Bar
Place of Origin: Malaysia
Net Weight: 4.00 kg (PBe16L) / 4.15 kg (PBe20L)



This PBe sprayer is a modified design to overcome most of the problems faced by farmers users that specially designed for comfortable usage, easy operation and easy maintenance.

  • Suitable for normal usage (recommended 250L/Ha and below) for spraying of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides
  • Suitable for amateur gardeners, smallholders and convenient for horticulturists.


  • Pump mechanism - Faster and easier to build up pressure. Light and smooth in pumping to reduce tiredness of operators.
  • Spare parts & optional accessories - Available to meet every user's spraying requirement easily.
  • Operation levers - Pump handle can be adjusted for right or left hand users.
  • Easy DIY maintenance - User can maintenance by himself without any special tools or equipment.
  • Less lubrication oil required - Around 1ml per operation day.
  • Lighter in weight - More easily to carry the sprayer.

Operating Instruction

  1. The lance with twin elbow and SCA nozzle is screwed onto the automatic release completed with hose and connected to sprayer.
  2. The handle can be fixed for right or left hand operation, and the sprayer is ready for use.
  3. Before use, all moving parts should be oiled.
  4. Dissolve the chemical carefully before pouring into the sprayer.
  5. Do not fill the sprayer without using the strainer.
  6. Then, bring the sprayer under pressure and release the automatic release for spraying.

Maintenance Guides

  1. Check and clean nozzle by removing nozzle cap and filter (322(P1)) and replace them. Remove and clean air vessel (319), brass ball (311) by unscrewing the air vessel and replace them. The air vessel must be tightly screwed on with washer.
  2. Change the Piston Ring if chemical flows from milled nut of pump cylinder.
  3. To maintain good performance of sprayer, change the Piston Ring once a month for heavy usage (> 250 L/Ha) or 2 to 3 months for normal usage (< 250 L/Ha).
  4. Use only liquid chemical to prevent damage of Piston Ring.
  5. Wash the sprayer after each usage to prolong the lifespan of Piston.

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