• AirMix Hollow Cone Nozzle Tip
  • AirMix Hollow Cone Nozzle Tip
Product Code: NT-AIHC80/1.0/3
Spraying Pattern: Hollow Cone
Color: Purple
Material: POM
Place of Origin: Germany
Net Weight: 0.002 kg


AirMix hollow cone nozzle tips with air-filled droplet widely used in pesticide spraying.

  • Most suitable for Herbicides application
  • Recommended to use for Selective Spraying & Circle Spraying for dense weed condition or broad leaves.
  • Made of material POM ensuring high chemical stability and an exceptionally long useful life.
  • Two-piece design, no tools required for opening 
  • Air cleaning system, no blockage of air entrance
  • High drift reduction 
  • Wide application range
  • Uniform droplet spectra 
  • On a broadcast boom, horizontal distribution of pattern is less uniform compared to flat fan
  • Particularly suitable for knapsack as nozzles can be operated at pressure 2 bar and above

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