• 3M 3100 Single Cartridge Small Half Face Piece & 3M 3200 Single Cartridge Medium Half Face Piece
Brand: 3M
Product Code: RESP-3M-3100 / RESP-3M-3200
Material: Thermoplastic Elastomers
RESP-3M-3100: Size Small Half Face Piece
RESP-3M-3200: Size Medium Half Face Piece



The 3M single cartridge half facepiece use together with 3M 3744 filter and 3M 3700 filter holder is ideal for dust, mist and fumes in application Pesticides spraying (Class III & IV), Grinding, Sanding, Sweeping, Bagging, Woodworking, Welding, Soldering, Metal pouring and other dusty operations.
And this half face piece use together with 3M 3311K-55 organic vapor cartridge is ideal for Spray painting, Pesticides spraying (class III & IV), Coating, Fumigation, Degreasing, Cleaning and Maintenance.

  • Two customised Asian size face pieces [3200 (M/L) & 3100 (S/M)] for more secure fit and seal.
  • Textured face piece to prevent slipping and maintain consistent seal at all times.
  • Compact design increase vision and safety.
  • Lightweight body and cradle head harness increase comfort
  • Minimal replaceable parts to save space, time and money.
  • Snap fit cartridges for easy assembly.
  • Drop-down strap for wearer convenience and acceptance.

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