• Electric Power Knapsack Sprayer EKATAK 16L
  • Electric Power Knapsack Sprayer EKATAK 16L
  • Electric Power Knapsack Sprayer EKATAK 16L
  • Electric Power Knapsack Sprayer EKATAK 16L
  • Electric Power Knapsack Sprayer EKATAK 16L
  • Electric Power Knapsack Sprayer EKATAK 16L
Brand: Cross Mark
Product Code: EKATAK 16L
Tank Capacity: 16 Liter
Tank Material: Polypropylene with UV Protection
Motor Pump Type: Diaphragm Pump
Battery Type: Sealed Lead-Acid Battery, 12 V, 8 AH
Power Input: 220 - 240V 50 – 60 Hz, 0.3A
Power Output: 12 V DC 1200mA
Charging Time: 4 – 5 Hours
Rechargeable: > 100 Times
Working Hour: 3.5 - 4 Hours
Cut Off Pressure: 5.0 Bar
Working Pressure: 1.0 Bar – 2.0 Bar
Nozzle Flow Rate: 0.98 L/Min - 1.45 L/Min
Max. Flow Rate Discharge: 2.0 L/Min
Place of Origin: Malaysia
Net Weight: 5.70 kg


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Our first battery operated knapsack sprayer EKATAK 16L. This battery sprayer is useful and efficient for the spraying of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and more require sophisticated spraying media (Low Volume Spray to High Volume Spray).

  • ​It is useful for complicated spraying job.
  • Hand free for pumping to create pressure and save workers energy. 
  • It can easily help users to improve the spraying quality and increase their spraying productivity efficiency up to 30%–40% due to the light and convenience operation.

Operating Instruction

  1. ​The Spraying Lance (MB/46-20” 2G) and nozzle 248-1/16” screwed on the Automatic Release [321/CPT (P1)]. 
  2. Before spraying, check all the joints are tightened properly with washer to ensure no leaking. 
  3. Fill chemical mixture into the sprayer tank through the Strainer (IEM-DC11) in order to filtrate the dirt and sediments.
  4. Shoulder Strap (IEM-DC27) are adjustable to ensure Operator’s comfort in the field work.
  5. To carry the sprayer, shoulder strap hook can be hooked both side on the base of the tank.
  6. Press On/Off Switch (IEM-DC3) button, press down ( | ) to on the power, adjust the Control Power Switch (IEM-DC2) to control the flow.
  7. To off the power, press up (O) on the On/Off Switch (IEM-DC3) button. Attention: Turn off the Control Power Switch (IEM-DC2) is not power off, power still on if the On/Off Switch (IEM-DC3) button do not press up (O) off.

Maintenance Guides

  1. ​After spraying job, fill sprayer tank with clean water at least 2 litres, then on the power and squeezing the Automatic Release to allow the clean water to flow into Motor Pump (IEM-DC4), Spraying Lance and Nozzle until blow with air. Please to repeat the step at least 2 times to prevent stuck of the Motor Pump.
  2. Remove the Filter [322 (P1)] from the Rubber Hose c/w Cleaning Chamber [346 (IEM)] and replace it after cleaning.
  3. If the Motor Pump do not work, first, make sure the Battery (IEM-DC5) is charged. Secondly, fill water fully into the tank then press and release the Automatic Release several times in order to push out the air inside the Motor Pump.
  4. Make sure all the wiring are connected and clip properly.


  1. Unplug the Battery Charger (IEM-DC26) after 4 to 5 hours charging and must always keep sprayer place upward to prolong the life span of Battery (IEM-DC5).
  2. Always store the sprayer under roof and cool dry place.
  3. Thinner, Solvents and Petrochemical Solvents cannot be used.
  4. Not recommend to use powder form agrochemical in this sprayer due to the Motor Pump design. If unavoidable condition, please dissolve the chemical powder form in water perfectly then fill into the sprayer tank through Strainer. Please clean the sprayer according to Maintenance Guide at least 2 times immediately after spraying job to prevent the stuck of Motor Pump.

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