• Handy Trigger Sprayer
  • Handy Trigger Sprayer
  • Handy Trigger Sprayer
  • Handy Trigger Sprayer
  • Handy Trigger Sprayer
Brand: Cross Mark
Product Code: MIE 1/8G
Color: Yellow , White , Green , Red
Tank Capacity: 550 ml
Tank Material: Polyethylene
Pump Type: Trigger
Working Pressure: 150 psi
Place of Origin: Malaysia
Net Weight: 0.130 kg


​​Own manufactured handy trigger sprayer which can be used in spraying ornamental plants, small gardens with pesticides. The different colors allow you to classify the contents. Examples of using: Yellow for pesticides, green for fertilizer, white for water, red for fungicide.​
  • ​Handy sprayer is useful and handy for all domestic and industrial applications.
  • Its powerful 150psi pressure for every stroke is useful for the spraying of chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides & liquid fertilizers. 
  • It is also ideal for industrial usage, especially for precision application of lubricating oil and even chemicals.
  • Our handy sprayer is made of environment-friendly thermoplastic - giving you high performance spray at every stroke.

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